Journey Carpentry, a sub-division of Journey Construction, is focused on constructing, installing, and maintaining structures. Our skilled carpentry team takes heart in framing and crafting each project while contributing state-of-the-art design ideas and intricate details. Meticulous by nature, Journey Carpentry’s work is woven within architectural plans and specifications. Each project sets the standard for a foundational approach to ensuring the overall integrity and stability of the constructed space.

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Beyond structural elements, our team also plays a critical role in enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of projects. From installation to creating woodwork from scratch, we implement features that contribute to the overall design and character of a structure, while meeting client requirements and safety standards.

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Journey Carpentry provides the following scope of work and services:

  • Rough Carpentry Installation
  • Finish Carpentry Installation
  • Doors, Hardware, and Frames Installation
  • Specialties/Owner Furnished Installation

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