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Journey counts itself among the few companies in the region that utilizes lean construction methods in the management of our projects and within our internal processes. Our lean mission is to create a culture of respect, curiosity and innovation by empowering our teams. We want our teams to think of better ways to execute work to make it more efficient and safer. By utilizing several lean construction tools, we strive to improve design and construction processes by reducing waste and variability, while increasing communication, collaboration and transparency within our internal and external crews.

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We utilize several lean methods, such as Last Planner System, 5S, Process Mapping and Kanban systems to identify and reduce the impact of the eight deadly wastes and meet our customers’ needs. Our primary goal on each of our projects is to bring our construction and design teams together and talk collaboratively on the project schedule, constructability and design approaches.

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We utilize pull plans during design and construction to facilitate open communication and transparency throughout the project lifecycle and make use of Weekly Work Plans and Daily Huddles to engage our contractors in the planning process each week.

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Teams are empowered to make improvements to their workspaces and address waste and variability to keep the jobsites safer, more organized and more productive. A productive and safe jobsite leads to less stress, happier employees and more engaged teams.

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  • Greater productivity
  • Greater Customer Satisfaction
  • Higher Quality Construction
  • Reduced Waste Within Processes
  • Reliable Project Schedule
  • Improved Safety Due to Preplanning and Transparency
  • Productive Management of Project Personnel
  • Improved Risk Management
  • Reliable Information and Handoffs Between Designers and Contractors At All Levels

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