Journey Development Company is an industry leader that provides full services in the development, construction, and management of diverse real estate projects, including industrial warehousing, healthcare facilities, office environments, and multi-family residences.

With over 350 employees generating in excess of $375 million in revenues on an annual basis nationwide, we provide our satisfied clients with the construction, development, financing, property management, and brokerage services that continuously exceed expectations. Our 112-year history is a testament to our dedication to serving clients in an evolving and dynamic environment.

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Journey Development Stats

Journey Development Company is led by Michael Bender and Randy Knecht. Through their leadership and years of experience developing and building the Sioux Falls region, they have deepened the company's capabilities to ensure that all partners achieve necessary, operational, strategic, and financial results to ensure long-term success.

Journey Development Track Record

  • Turnkey facility development and project management
  • Project financing
  • Healthcare facility planning and program optimization
  • Real Estate advisory
  • Building systems and sustainability
  • Asset and property management services

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