We have partnerships stretching over a hundred years. We're able to do this because of our commitment to our clients. Our company has a strong reputation working with design professionals to offer creative ideas that will help this project stay within the budget and on schedule. While your blueprints are being drafted, we will conduct detailed reviews of materials, systems, and equipment. We will estimate costs and manage scheduling so you can know how each decision will affect your project. We will even start securing high-demand materials which could delay the start of your project.


Journey believes in the Team approach to the design/construction process therefore has an open book philosophy. Our team utilizes technologically advanced, and industry specific reporting mechanisms ensure transparency of project progress and funding flow. Transparency affords all team members accountability to each other from inception through move in.


Our team is committed to integrity and financial transparency. We have a long construction professional track record of putting priority on treating clients with honesty and fairness along with always making decisions based upon what is best for the project. Our response to warranty needs and ongoing servicing of this project will be second to none.


Over 90% of Journey Construction’s projects manifest through repeat business. This business model has continued to mature and grow over 110 years and can only sustain itself through building successful relationships with clients, architects, engineers, subcontractors, and suppliers. Successful project teams are synthesized from collaboration and working together to build long term relationships and projects of highest value for clients. This is more than just a project to us. Journey is vested in the success of this project both in the long term and short term.

Community & Public Relations

Seth Lukonen and Brett Smid

Every project Journey Construction builds tells an unbelievable story. A story of how this new building will positively impact the lives of so many for years and years to come.

Our public relations team creates a strategic communication process that highlights our projects in nothing but a positive light to the community and media.

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