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Posted on February 11, 2020

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Avera has opened a new facility near 77th Street and Louise Avenue, which offers plenty of fitness options.

The Avera Human Performance Center is new to the Sioux Falls area but it's not just for working out, it’s also for rehabilitation.

When recovering from an injury or surgery the first step is donning sensors from head to toe so that roughly a dozen cameras can pin-point how someone's feet land and explode off the ground. Mapping out the injured side versus the healthy one to track the gap and how to close it.

Then it is on to exercises that will relieve strain on the joints, like the Alter G treadmill, which fills a bubble with air up to the waist, allowing the runner to lift the weight off their joints. There is also a submerged treadmill, which allows for resistance training in a controlled setting.

The added technology helps both the specialists and patients track the recovery process, which is an immense source of comfort for those bouncing back from life-altering surgeries and injuries.

“The patients love it, they are getting data like they've never seen before, really meaningful data that they know will absolutely help them in their road to recovery. To be able to know that your injured side is getting back to where your uninjured side is, that's really reassuring and gives people a lot of confidence in the therapist they are working with the trainer they are working with and the entire continuum of sports medicine care,” said Avera Sports Science and Research Director Derek Ferley

Whether you’re recovering from a hip replacement or an ACL, the Avera Human Performance Center has the tools you need to bounce back from an injury.

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