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Posted on June 08, 2023

Growing up in Tea, SD, Hunter Deckert always heard of Sioux Falls Construction.

Now formally known as Journey Group, Deckert has found the company, specifically SFC Civil Constructors, a division of Journey Group, to be a home for his construction passion and career.

“Throughout my childhood, I’d always see the red Sioux Falls Construction trucks around town,” he said. “I’ve always been interested in the construction process. It’s amazing to see the project firsthand from start to finish.”

Hunter Deckert

Deckert, who has a Bachelor of Science in Project Management from South Dakota State University, started with Journey back in 2015 as a summer helper for SFC Civil Constructors, which specializes in bridge and heavy highway construction.

“I had done some residential side work prior to Journey but never worked for an actual construction company before. When I was going to school, I knew I was going to need hands-on experience, and Journey was close to home so it worked out perfectly,” he said.

That hands-on experience has helped him transform his career with Journey, from summer helper to laborer, then Assistant Superintendent, to Superintendent, and now Project Manager as of January 2023.

Hunter on project site.

“I’ve always believed that it’d be tough to be a Project Manager if you didn’t have field experience or the foresight of seeing what goes on in the field and the knowledge of how things are actually built,” Deckert stated.

Kyle Brockmueller, Project Manager for SFC Civil, credits Deckert with the drive of learning and wanting to expand his knowledge. The pair have worked together since Deckert first started, with Brockmueller being a close mentor.

“Even as a summer helper, Hunter was never afraid to jump into a project, whether it was a bridge or deck pour, or some other extensive job. He did whatever he could to stay busy and keep the project going,” said Brockmueller. “I envision him doing the same in his new position as a Project Manager.”

And while Deckert admits he’ll miss working in the field as well as the camaraderie he’s built with his crew, he’s “excited to transition to a whole new side of the construction process, which is a big learning experience.”

But the big transition to the office won’t stop Deckert from continuing to be a leader in his new role.

Hunter and Field worker on project site.

“Journey provides FMI leadership for their Superintendents and Project Managers, so I’m eager to put those learned skills into action. Seeing everything behind the scenes office-wise, in addition to knowing how it works in the field, really gives you the full perspective of a project from start to finish.,” he stated.

“Plus, Journey does a good job of presenting you with situations where you have an opportunity to grow and learn, then implement what you’ve learned with your team.”

As Deckert continues to ease into his new position, he plans to share the knowledge from leadership training and field experience with his team by visiting job sites often, keeping up to date with projects from an office perspective, and overcoming any challenges that may present themselves.

“It’s a big hill to climb but it’s one that I’m excited about,” he said. “I still expect to be learning something every day.”

You can hear more of Hunter’s story on our podcast, More Than Construction, now streaming on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and other listening platforms.

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