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Posted on April 18, 2024

This article was originally published by Jodi Schwan of SiouxFalls.Business.

From top to bottom, including the name, Teak Apartments in southwest Sioux Falls has seen plenty of improvements in the past few years.

“We bought it right before COVID and then wanted to rebrand it, and we improved a lot,” said Jeff Thomas, construction project manager for Des Moines-based Newbury Living.

The parking lot, which needed 100 percent of its asphalt and about half of its concrete curb and gutter replaced, became one of the final upgrades last season.

“It was a big job, so our team searched for contractors and vetted them and got bids,” Thomas said. “Some of the other contractors kind of gave us a number and ghosted us, but Black-Top Paving kept in touch and showed us they wanted the work and got it done.”

Throughout the project that followed, the Black-Top Paving team “was responsive,” he said. “They kept following up to see how things were going, and when we found a few surprises with the soil, they gave us options for what to do.”

Work was divided so that part of the lot was maintained for residents throughout the project.

“It went well,” Thomas said. “There was plenty of coordination and communication, and we went through winter with no snow-removal issues because we didn’t have potholes or gravel on the lot. It looks better, and the overall impression of the property is just nicer with a brand-new parking lot.”

Businesses looking for a similar improvement to their property should reach out soon, said Ryan Kerkvliet, president of Black-Top Paving, a division of Journey Group.

“This time last year, the ground was snow-covered, and parking lots were full of snow piles, so you couldn’t see what work needed to be done until the end of April. Now, with the mild winter we had, we can go out and look at projects and get our crews started earlier than normal,” he said.

“Plus, there aren’t as many major repairs after winters like this, so you can focus on maintenance work instead of repairing or replacing asphalt.”

Areas to consider

Think of it like a vehicle with regular maintenance required to prolong the life of it, Kerkvliet said. Your business’ parking lot and sidewalks are the same.

“Every couple of years, you’ll want to look for cracks that need to be sealed, so you don’t allow moisture to get into the subgrade and cause damage,” he said. “Sealing can prolong the life of your asphalt extensively, which is a big deal.”

Your sidewalks also should be checked for cracks and uneven surfaces.

“Those can be trip hazards, which need to be addressed from a liability standpoint,” Kerkvliet said. “You don’t want a situation where an employee or customer could trip and fall.”

While Black-Top Paving’s team will take on major city and state road work again this year, that same expertise can apply to your business’ project.

“We have a great maintenance team with capacity for small office buildings, retail centers and apartments, and we have the benefit of being able to coordinate both your asphalt and concrete work in-house,” Kerkvliet said.

“We can adjust schedules and eliminate the need to manage a subcontractor, plus we stand behind the quality of the work and ensure we’re communicating with you at every stage of the project.”

Now hiring

Black-Top Paving also is adding to its team for the upcoming season.

“We’re looking for motivated, like-minded individuals,” Kerkvliet said. “We’re proud to be creating a culture that our team really likes. We treat everyone with respect, and we set ourselves apart by not only paying at the top of the market but setting higher expectations, which leads to better quality.”

Black-Top Paving has built a team of people “who are proud of their work and are treated right, and you see that in their workmanship,” he added. “We know it’s hard work, but as leaders, we’re here to support as much as possible.”

The focus is on adding skilled operators who want to grow within the company, Kerkvliet said.

“We have a career path for each position,” he added. “We will show you where you can be in five years, train you and progress accordingly,” he said. “We will talk about your future and opportunities to grow with us.”

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