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Posted on March 04, 2024

This article was originally published by Jodi Schwan of SiouxFalls.Business

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As Journey Group continues to expand its operations and grow its team, it became evident that the company’s organizational structure needed an update to better align with its current size and goals.

CEO Randy Knecht acknowledged a need for evolution.

“We had some catching up to do,” he said. “We put the pieces in place in 2023 and are excited to roll out our new structure.”

With more than 400 employees spread across six divisions and multiple communities, Journey Group now boasts a revamped organizational framework designed to support its present identity and future aspirations.

“We now have an organizational structure that reflects and supports who we are today and who we strive to become in the years ahead,” Knecht said.

The new structure is comprised of a corporate leadership team, responsible for strategic vision and direction, and a senior leadership team tasked with operationalizing and executing the company’s plans.

At the helm of the corporate leadership team is Knecht, whose primary focus as CEO is on growth and strategy.

Journey’s corporate leadership team: Front row, Marlyn Bergeson and Brian Gramm; back row, Heather Zweifel, Randy Knecht, Darin Hage and Chanda Knutson

He leads the corporate leadership team that also includes:

“We’re heavily investing in organizational development, and this new structure reflects that,” Knecht explained. “Our emphasis on developing and training individuals sets us apart, along with the commitment to improving our company culture to attract and retain top talent.”

The senior leadership team includes three division leaders and nine key department directors.

Members include:

“The goal of the senior leadership team is to communicate across the organization, address challenges or issues organization wide and unify us across the company,” Knecht said.

“In summary, we’ve focused on expanding our team and enhancing our bench strength. With this new structure, we’re well equipped to meet our customers’ growing needs and to develop and invest in our people.”

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