Posted on August 29, 2023

More Than Construction

About this Episode

Introducing the first of two new Journey Construction brands: Journey Structural! Journey Structural is our rugged and fearless crew in charge of erecting the steel and precast skeleton of each building. They establish the structure of both the quality of the work and the building itself. They're a specialty service that has always been a part of our work but has advanced so much in their specialization, expertise, and qualifications that they’re now leading the field and setting the standards of their trade.

They’re not a new Division but are operating as a special business unit under the Journey Construction Division. The goal is to reinforce our commitment to excellence in structural services and deliver even greater value to our clients through our position as leaders in the field.

In this mini episode, hear from Tim Lalim, the Project Manager of Journey Structural, and Preston Davis, their Project Engineer, as we talk about this exciting new brand and the ways they start each build with excellence!

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