Avera McKennan Emergency Department

Avera McKennan Emergency Department

This project features a new 16-bed emergency department added to the existing hospital. The project includes 16 new treatment rooms designed around a central staff core, X-ray, public lobby/reception space, ambulance garage, and basement materials management area.

The main challenges with the project were associated with creating a new Emergency Department while keeping the existing adjacent Emergency Department in operation throughout the duration of the project. Providing an environment that was safe and well-organized at all times for patients and staff using the existing Emergency Department on a 24/7/365 basis was critical at all times.

Deep piling foundation systems were required for the addition ,which were located within 10 feet from the existing Emergency Department while it was being used. The project also included a complete replacement of the front entrance and parking lot, which was also being used 7 days a week by the patients and staff. This required Journey Construction to create an eight-phase plan to allow a complete re-work of the parking and entrance area while still maintaining safe and clear access by patients, ambulances, and staff using the existing Emergency Department.

A project such as this is not possible without constant communication and collaboration with all parties involved. Maintaining a clean, safe, and well-organized environment that does not affect the patient’s ability to use during an emergency at all times was not a “goal” – it was essential. Journey Construction recognized that this project was about much more than a new construction addition. The most critical element was to ensure that Avera McKennan was able to provide a fully-functioning Emergency Department that was not impacted at any time. The team continuously worked together, analyzed options, modified plans as needed and ensured that the project requirements were met.



  • Healthcare


  • Journey Construction


  • Complete


  • Avera McKennan Hospital


  • Sioux Falls, SD


  • 13 months


  • Negotiated General Contract

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