Brookings 6th Street & US 14 Bridge

Brookings 6th Street & US 14 Bridge

The I-29 and Brookings exit bridge project included demolition of two 254’ bridges and replacement with one 254’ by 88’4” bridge with 5’ sidewalks on each side. Light poles on the bridge, jersey curbs and a raised median were also constructed. This bridge sits on 18 concrete girders that are 72” high and span 125’ with 2 abutments and 1 center bent. To keep traffic moving we had to demo one bridge and build approximately 2/3rd of the new bridge in order for more traffic to flow. We then demoed the 2nd bridge and proceeded to build the last 1/3rd of the new bridge and tie it into the first section. This project also consisted of a Dynamic and Static pile load test which consisted of driving pile to failure at 460 tons of pressure. The information from this test gets turned over to the SD DOT for analyzing and use on future projects. The SFC Civil Constructors Team received the following two awards for safety, scheduling and quality work on this monumental project. 2017 Build South Dakota Award 2017 Excellence in Ready Mixed Concrete, Paving, Highways, Local Streets, Labor & Commercial.



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