Davis Campus Underground

Davis Campus Underground

The Davis Campus is a 30,000 square foot underground facility that includes 9,000 square feet of finished lab space 4,850 feet underground. This full laboratory includes 19,433 square feet of fully operational laboratory complete with two stories of concrete, plumbing, HVAC systems, ultra-high speed internet connections of about one gigabyte per second, and an ultra-clean transition area for experiments, and other necessary infrastructure. The Ainsworth-Benning crew used 29 tons of rebar; 525 cubic yards of concrete; 2000 cubic yards of fill material; 13,000 concrete blocks; 80,000 pounds of spiral ductwork; 75,000 pounds of rectangular ductwork; seven miles of conduit; 30 miles of wire. Ainsworth-Benning Construction was selected as a national winner of the 2013 Alliant Build America Award, in the Building Under $10M New category for this project.



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  • Ainsworth-Benning Construction


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