StartUp Sioux Falls

StartUp Sioux Falls

With the renovation of this historic 1890s building, new life and zest will emerge as young professionals, who are trying to start a business, come together to have a membership and receive help in their business initiatives.

This 6,400-square-foot building consists of a large, open floor plan that provides professionals with a space and opportunity to get started in the business world. Here, they can grow any connections with other professionals seeking the same.

The building, which is made of Wood Timber, was previously a freight station for the railroad that used to run through downtown Sioux Falls. The Journey Construction crew sandblasted all the interior granite stone walls, and cleaned the existing large wood timber structure - which is now exposed. They also built a designed steel framed structure to make a 2x5 wood mezzanine floor system as well as built a custom 2x4 feature wall, and custom-built steel railings.



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  • StartUp Sioux Falls


  • Sioux Falls, SD

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