The Dakota Aquarium and Butterfly House

Conserve. Educate. Inspire. The Butterfly House & Aquarium is dedicated to creating a relaxing interactive experience with a complete environment, inspiring wonder, and appreciation for nature's most delicate species. The Butterfly House & Aquarium is South Dakota's only public saltwater aquarium. We are a one-of-a-kind area attraction offering a unique learning experience in our immersive interactive exhibits.

This will be a two-phase addition to the current site. The first phase will be a 3,200 square foot addition along with a 3,100-foot renovation. The second phase will be an 11,500 square foot addition along with a 4,635 square foot renovation. The first phase will include an expanded office that will be used to house all the staff that will be needed when the tripled aquarium comes along with the second phase. Once this is complete the Butterfly House and Aquarium will also have an increase in their educational programming.



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