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Posted on June 23, 2022

This article is originally written and published by Jodi Schwan on SiouxFalls.Business.

The newest member of the Journey Group team is a familiar face in the Sioux Falls business community – who has spent a career admiring his new company.

Dave Van Nieuwenhuyzen is Journey’s new business development director and has been around the company nearly his entire 24-year career.

Most recently, it was as a project partner through his former role leading the Sioux Falls market for JLG Architects.

“I’ve just always had a good relationship with Journey and really respect what they do and how they do it,” Van Nieuwenhuyzen said.

“So when this opportunity came up, it was something I could really get into because it represents part of my career I’ve really enjoyed. To join a company with a reputation for complete service really aligns with what I’m all about.”

As business development director, he’ll focus on building relationships in the business and broader communities of Sioux Falls and the growing number of other markets Journey serves.

“I’m used to being kind of a jack-of-all-trades,” he said. “In this role, the intent is not to compete in the architecture space but to build relationships that lead to building our pipeline of work.”

Van Nieuwenhuyzen is taking over business development leadership from Jay Rasmussen, who is transitioning into a role focused on community relations.

“Jay really created an incredible public presence for Journey over the years, and I’m just excited to continue in his legacy and build upon the solid foundation that he created,” Van Nieuwenhuyzen said.

Van Nieuwenhuyzen brings experience both on the design and construction side of the industry, which will significantly grow Journey’s ability to develop new relationships, CEO Randy Knecht said.

“We couldn’t be more excited about Dave joining the team,” he said. “Dave is a trained architect but has a passion for construction. It’s a tremendous combination, coupled with Dave’s longstanding experience in the region that gives us the ability to enter into new markets we see as opportunities to capitalize upon. Best of all, Dave’s personality and value system fit very well within the Journey family.”

Van Nieuwenhuyzen grew up in Pipestone, Minnesota, and earned his degree in architecture at North Dakota State University.

“When I got out, there really weren’t any architecture jobs available, so I joined a general contractor and learned the ropes of design-build,” he said. “I came to Sioux Falls in 1999 and have worked both for contractors and architects in my time here.”

At JLG, he collaborated with Journey on projects such as the Madison Cyber Labs at Dakota State University and a downtown Sioux Falls mixed-use parking ramp.

“I’m really proud of that work and how we gained traction in the market quickly,” he said. “And it was really enjoyable working in partnership with Journey on them, which gave me a sense of what to expect when joining the team.”

Still, as an outsider, there’s always a perception of what a company will be like and what it stands for, he continued.

“And you expect when you pull back the curtain it might be a little different,” Van Nieuwenhuyzen said. “With Journey, it’s not. They live their values. They believe in what they do and in being the best at what they do, and it plays through every piece of the business. Exceptional service is at the heart of what Journey does every day. And for me, the secret sauce in my career is being very service-oriented and just genuine, and that really aligns with Journey.”

For now, he’s learning more about Journey’s growing number of business units. While he primarily will focus on Journey Construction, there will be the opportunity to work companywide to build new relationships, too, including in new markets.

“Things are really busy right now, so it’s a great time to be coming on board,” he said. “The key is to look for good fits in new projects. Journey has a strong history in medical construction and higher education, and my background has involved a lot of industrial work, so I think there are opportunities to build on all of that.”

When he’s not at work, you’ll likely find Van Nieuwenhuyzen in Yankton at the lake boating or doing other water sports with his family, which includes two kids in college in Sioux Falls and a middle schooler in Harrisburg.

“So they’re close to home and will keep us grounded yet,” he said. “I just couldn’t be more excited for the next chapter and look forward to helping us grow in Sioux Falls and beyond.”

To connect with Dave Van Nieuwenhuyzen, email or find him on LinkedIn.

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