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Posted on November 16, 2022

If you’re even a bit familiar with commercial construction, you’ve most likely heard the term CMAR (or CMR) construction. An alternative method/process that has become widely successful on construction projects over the last 15 years. Though it’s track record has proven success, some owners are hesitant.

We are here to set the story straight with an explanation of common misconceptions, overall benefits, and the successes Journey provides our customers.

A few of the common CMAR misconceptions we hear most often are:

We find these misconceptions are a misunderstanding and a lack of truly learning what the process is really like. Over the last several years of utilizing CMAR, Journey has seen much success with this delivery method.

To start, here are a few pros in the CMAR process:

That’s why we’re here to set the story straight on CMAR.

Our vast CMAR experience has helped our company provide leadership at all stages of projects from conception to completion. In fact, Journey even played an instrumental part in getting CMAR approved and running for the State of South Dakota.

CMAR allows Journey to bring in a team of construction managers to oversee the project and ensure completion with a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). CMAR allows Journey to truly show the Journey Difference by bringing our knowledge and experience to the table throughout every stage of the project’s life cycle.

This method fits our value proposition and gives value to our customers for the more complex projects. It also fits the Journey culture and client focus because:

The CMAR method pushes Journey to continuously be better by having to adjust the typical industry standards like understanding market resources, helping owners and clients better understand life cycle and quality, and diligently striving to provide competition in each bid package – a responsibility we take very seriously.

That responsibility also plays into Journey’s unique philosophy on cost analysis, tracking, and value management. As a good partner, we must be good at conceptually forecasting costs with anticipated design, in addition to securing confidence in the numbers based on analysis and experience. Additionally, we dive into the deep legwork on estimate details to bring forth accurate predictions.

Those predictions enable our customers to receive unique transparency through the CMAR process. Our customers personally understand:

When you build with Journey utilizing the CMAR process, you are guaranteed to experience the following:

To learn more information about Journey’s CMAR processes, please visit the Journey website or call 605-332-5968.

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