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Posted on October 06, 2022

Rising inflation and supply chain issues have been a hot topic in industries nationwide throughout the pandemic and well into 2022, with the construction field being impacted significantly.

One of the ways construction has been most heavily impacted is the rising demand in project starts. Ultimately, this pent-up demand coming out of the pandemic increased the need for project materials, supplies, and skilled labor; further prompting project managers and superintendents to closely analyze their budgets, material costs, and project schedules.

Additional stressors like disruption in delivery time, further promote schedule delays. All of which could be categorized as the current “pain points” of the construction industry.

This whitepaper provides information on common supply chain issues and gives you a glimpse inside the strategies Journey has developed to combat these challenges. You will learn more about the industry changes and challenges Journey has experienced and gain insight on the solutions we have created to combat these issues.

Common Industry Supply Chain Issues

All these issues look different from company to company, but the main concept is that these issues are a burden and obstacle to the construction industry. In 2022, it’s a given that construction companies must dig deep and find a stance in confronting these issues head-on.

At Journey Group, we proactively work with project owners, design teams, suppliers, and vendors, as well as other construction teams to relieve these supply chain issues and fears. We communicate daily with our partners and demonstrate our ability to quickly recognize and adapt to changes in the market and environment.

Our process works because we apply it to specific projects with the understanding that the market changes rapidly, giving us the opportunity to be proactive or, as we like to call it, initiate our key to success. To find your key to success, you must first assess whether your business is facing the following difficulties:

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