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Posted on March 10, 2023

Maintain Your Parking Lot’s Curb Appeal and Boost Revenue with Black-Top Paving’s Top 7 Repair and Maintenance Benefits

Is your parking lot showing signs of damage after the record snowfall in the Sioux Falls area?

Are there potholes peeking out? Water sitting where it shouldn’t be? Are cracks forming in places they shouldn’t be?

From faded striping lines to damaged curb appeal and bumpy surfaces, unkept parking lots can be a turn-off for your employees and customers, negatively impacting their experience with your business.

In fact, research shows parking lots can:

Luckily, Black-Top Paving, a division of Journey Group, can help you stay ahead of the game with services that lay a solid ground for your parking lot needs.

“It’s a good idea to have professionals evaluate concrete and asphalt surfacing every two years, especially if you haven’t done any maintenance in the last five years,” said Ryan Kerkvliet, VP of Black-Top Paving.

If you haven’t serviced your lot in a few years, don’t worry! Black-Top Paving’s services have recently expanded to cover all aspects of maintenance, providing our clients with a full-site solution for parking lot needs and giving our clients even more for their budget without hiring different contractors, keeping you from spending more time on coordinating and paying several different contractors.

“We can now do all the site surfacing work, whether that’s new construction or existing parking lots and streets. We can now self-perform all the surfacing work, giving us the ability to see the growth needs that Sioux Falls and surrounding areas are experiencing and expecting,” said Kerkvliet.

So, what are the Top 7 Reasons to have Black-Top Paving repair the damage and extend the life of your lot?

  1. Save Money – From start to finish, Black-Top Paving’s fees and budgets are created with you in mind. Plus, our expanded services cover all aspects of maintenance, giving you even more for your budget without the need to hire different contractors.
  2. Quality – Black-Top Paving sets the standard for quality asphalt that lasts. With solid patching, overlay, and seal coating work, we’ll repair and refresh the look of your lot to ensure it stays looking clean and new for years to come – giving your customers a great first impression every time.
  3. Long-Term Value – It’s highly encouraged to maintain parking lots every few years. With Black-Top Paving, you can be assured that these routine maintenance projects will position your lot to continue looking great as we evaluate and fix every crack, pothole, or general issue that may have occurred over time. Plus, constantly maintaining your lot will also help you stay ADA Compliant – which ensures your customers know your parking lot is safe for them and their needs.
  4. Maintain a Smooth Surface – We know how important it is to have a flat, smooth, and level surface for customers to park on or drive through. That’s why Black-Top Paving takes the time to make sure your grading is just right, down to the slightest slope.
  5. Solid Base – In order for your lot to support the weight of many vehicles, Black-Top Paving lays the groundwork for a solid sub-base by ensuring the soil underneath is properly protected and compacted to support the top surface.
  6. Ongoing Maintenance – Did you notice a new hole when you arrived at work? If so, give Black-Top Paving a call! We offer ongoing maintenance even well after your project is finished.
  7. Customer Satisfaction – Black-Top Paving ensures all scopes of your project will be tracked to ensure a project that is on time, on budget, and exceeds everyone’s expectations.

In addition to the above services, Black-Top Paving ensures your projects are met to the utmost satisfaction with planning, budgeting, and post-project maintenance – all of which prolong the life of the surface.

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