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Posted on March 17, 2023

The OSHA Sioux Falls Area Office signed a strategic partnership agreement with lead contractor Journey Group Inc. and the South Dakota State University OSHA Consultation to prevent serious accidents and fatalities for 400 tradespersons projected to construct the Cherapa Project in downtown Sioux Falls.

The partnership’s participants will work collaboratively with key stakeholders to address issues including heat illness, falls, trenching safety and workers’ rights. Partner members will be developing effective safety and health management systems for all contractors on the site.

To accomplish this goal, OSHA, Journey Group Inc. and SDSU will work with contractors to ensure management commitment to improving safety and health performance on the site and increase the level of employee participation and engagement. They will also increase internal audits, expand exposure monitoring of employees, participate in safety stand-down events, and OSHA verification visits.

The project includes a 10-level, multi-use post-tension structure comprised of precast cladding and aluminum window systems. It will have two six-level buildings, constructed on precast podiums with mass timber structure and concrete topping on all floors. The fourth building will be a multi-level post tension parking ramp.

Part of OSHA’s Strategic Partnership Program, the partnership will focus on the primary causes of construction industry fatalities, namely falls, struck-by equipment or machinery, electrocution and caught-in-between equipment or materials. The partnership seeks to help the project minimize injuries and illnesses and record zero fatalities. The partners will appoint an on-site safety representative, conduct daily audits and weekly trainings to exchange information on hazards identified, best practices and promote worker participation in safety and health programs.

Quote: “The Journey Group is a proven ally in safety and health for South Dakota workers. The company has an effective safety and health management system, and is eager to share their safety culture with other contractors working on the project,” said OSHA’s Area Director Sheila Stanley in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. “Strategic Partnerships lead to increase worker involvement, training and education and accountability for safe work practices.”

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