Episode 6: Virtual Construction Helps Everyone Win

At Journey Group, we perform "Dress Rehearsals" for every construction project we build. This process is directed by our VDC department, lead by Jamison Mutschelknaus and Adam Scholes. Join our discussion of the fascinating digital world of Virtual Design & Construction. The tools they integrate into our construction process save time, money, and resources, which enables safer, faster, and more efficient projects. That's what we call, "More than Construction" – everybody benefits! It's wins all around!

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On track and reaching milestones, take an up-close look at progress for Cherapa Place

There’s big progress being made at Cherapa Place! Come with us for an update and a tour.

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New Journey business development director aims to grow relationships locally and beyond copy

Architecture and construction industry veteran Dave Van Nieuwenhuyzen is Journey’s new business development director.


Episode 5: Who Is Ainsworth-Benning Construction?

The conclusion (for now) of our Divisional Highlight series, this episode features Ainsworth-Benning Construction – our full-service division located on the "west coast" of South Dakota in beautiful Spearfish. Hear from Tate Johnson, Division Leader of Ainsworth-Benning, and returning guest Marlyn Bergeson as they share the established legacy of this long-standing construction entity that very much mirrors Journey's legacy on the "east coast" of the state. Our teams' collaboration across 400 miles has led to significant innovations and developments for the company and for the communities we impact, enabling us to provide "More Than Construction" to our state and beyond!

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Contractor’s busy paving season now includes start-to-finish development services

A typical construction season brings plenty of concrete work and crack sealing, asphalt paving and parking lot patching. But this year, Black-Top Paving is positioned to offer even more.

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From Colombia to the USA: How one Journey Group employee turned her passion into a career copy

When Estefania Roy graduated college, she knew she wanted to make an impact with her degree in mechanical engineering. We sat down with Estefania Roy to learn more about her journey to Journey and her passion for her career.

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Building Careers: Construction team members share look at jobs they love

Journey employees give an inside look at what it's like to work for Journey Construction, SFC Civil Constructors, and Black-Top Paving.


Episode 4: Who is Black-Top Paving?

This episode continues our series highlighting Journey's unique Divisions. Black-Top Paving was the first paving company in Sioux Falls and has been on the leading edge of horizontal construction to this day. Ryan Kerkvliet, vice president of BTP, and Brad Meyer, Project Manager for BTP, join the conversation of how this Division has been positively impacting communities with its asphalt paving, concrete, curb & gutter, and parking lot repair work. They dig deep into their team's healthy and contagious pride in their craftsmanship and shed light on some special ways Journey Group provides "More than Construction" to its employees and partners.

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Building together: Avera, Journey reaching milestones on four major projects

Two organizations, four recent projects, one invaluable relationship.

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